Student Organizations​

Participation in Mechanical Engineering organizations is a vital part of your student experience. ME student organizations are active and robust, and will help you to get to know your fellow ME students, introduce you to leading members of industry, provide opportunities to give and listen to seminars by students and leading researchers in your field, and help you to understand all that is involved in the exciting and expansive field of mechanical engineering.




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As the largest and most involved Mechanical Engineering society at CU Boulder, ASME strives to reach two goals for members: professional advancement, and social interaction. ASME provides   the best possible platform from which members can launch their careers. Through seminars, private company presentations, corporate events, industry tours, professor dinners, and other events, ASME affords every possible opportunity for members to network with established professionals to advance their members' futures and set them apart from the crowd.


BMES is one of over 100 student chapters nationwide which  collaborate with and support the professional Biomedical Engineering Society. Our mission is to introduce students to the profession of biomedical engineering, expand their knowledge of tools and techniques used in the field, and develop their leadership and professional qualities through a variety of technical projects, professional networking, and social events.