STEP Board

(Strategic Evaluation  & Planning)

The members of the Advisory Board to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder, also known as STEP (Strategic Evaluation and Planning Board), provide advice and perspective on issues of importance to the Mechanical Engineering Department. The members offer leadership for the cultivation, stewardship, strategic direction and solicitation activities that support the missions and goals of the department.

Members of the board are chosen for their leadership in providing wisdom, wealth and work as well as commitment, compassion and connections that lead to advocacy, financial contribution, and willingness to help establish linkages with alumni, industry, faculty, students and local, national and international leaders who are able to advance the strategic missions of the department.


What the STEP Board Does

The STEP Board currently consists of CU Mechanical Engineering alums who have been friends and supporters of the department individually over the years and who are well-established leaders in their respective areas. Among STEP's current duties are advocating for the department, helping to acquire resources, and guiding the strategic vision of the department through its leadership and experience.

Membership Criteria

The STEP board is targeting for a full membership of 15 people. The board members will be invited to serve at the discretion of the Department Chair and with the input from the board. The term of membership is three years and is renewable.

CU Members

Clayton Lewis

Department Chair

ME Department 


Development Liaison

College of Engineering & Applied Science

Julia Bright

Director of External Relations

ME Department

Current Board Members

Davin Anderson

Systems Engineering Associate Manager

Lockheed Martin

Denver, Colorado

Rick Goldman 

Managing Partner

Golden Spike Development Inc

Highland Park, Illinois 

Diana Hellman

​Media Tribologist


Tucson, Arizona


S.P. Chip Johnson IV

CEO& President

Carrizo Oil and Gas

Huston, Texas

Diana L. Manning 

Senior Manager of Engines 

APS and Fuels team for the 787 program at Boeing,

Arlington, Washington

Tom McLagan 


Hyder Construction Inc. 

Evergreen, Colorado

John Mollenkopf 


Mark West Energy Partners, L.P

Denver, Colorado

Michael Stockman


MG Stockman Advisors, LLC

New York, New York

Herb Vogel

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Development

SM Energy

Denver, Colorado

Dana Shinn

Director of Business Application

Evans Manufacturing

Oceanside, California

Robert Wills


Murphy's Corporate Lodging Inc.

Huston, Texas

Steven Woodward

Vice President

Business Development Antero

Resources Corporation

Denver, Colorado


Further Information

If you require more information about the STEP board's activities, or would like to be considered for membership please contact Julia Bright ( Director of External Relations of the Mechanical Engineering department. 

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