Recent Projects 

Undergraduate Projects

Senior Design serves as the capstone for our undergraduate program. The purpose of this two semester course is to simulate an entry-level engineering project in industry - allowing students to apply professional skills and the engineering knowledge they acquired in the fundamental ME courses to a real-world, open-ended design challenge. Teams of 5-6 students engage in the engineering design process and produce actual hardware/software to present to sponsors.

Graduate Projects
Grad Design consists of teams of 3-4 students working on a design project, with the goal of developing fully functional hardware with accompanying documentation. In many cases, the project hardware will be representative of the final manufactured product.

Industry Sponsored Projects

Graduate students are sponsored by companies to work on solutions to complex research questions. Students have access to state-of-the-art research facilities in Mechanical Engineering to develop innovative solutions.

MAST Research Center

The Membrane Science, Engineering and Technology Center is one of the National Science Foundation's longest running cooperative research centers.  It is a       multi-university collaboration between the University of Colorado and New Jersey Institute of Technology.