March 2015 - New Patent 

After four years of development, in January 2015 CU filed full international and US patent applications for a nanofabrication process developed by Prof. Bright and his collaborators, including Senior Research Associate Dr. Joseph Brown, Prof. Steven George, and Prof. Bright's graduate student Nathan Eigenfeld. The process specifies a method of fabricating freestanding structures with thicknesses on the order of, typically, 200 - 300 atoms. The process builds on CU's long history of development of atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology, and combines this technology with microfabrication processes to form structures for active use in micro and nano systems. Further details may be found in an April 2014 publication from this team in the journal Advanced Materials. Read More...

March 2015 - Electron Diffraction of an In Situ Strained Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube

In December, a team from CU and Switzerland published, in the journal Advanced Materials, an experimental observation of mechanical strain effects on electron diffraction in a carbon nanotube. The CU researchers on this team were Senior Research Associate Dr. Joseph Brown, and Professor Victor Bright. This work expands the limits of experimental mechanics by demonstrating a mechanism for measurement of changes in atom spacing in an individual nanostructure - an object about 50 atoms in diameter. Read More...

2014 Outstanding Faculty Staff Award

The 2014 Outstanding Staff Award from the College of Engineering and Applied Science has been given to Sharon Anderson. This award is given to only one staff member (out of over 100) per year in our college. 


2014 Max S. Peters Faculty Service Award

Daria Kotys-Schwartz has been given the 2014 Max S. Peters Faculty Service Award from the College of Engineering and Applied Science. This award is given to only one faculty member (out of over 200) per year in our college.

Kat Michel Publishes Liaison and Logistics Work with Industrial Advisory Boards

January 2015


Kathryn Michel, the Coordinator for the MAST Center, recently published her first peer-reviewed journal article in the fall 2014 edition of Journal of Research Administration. The article, titled Liaison and Logistics Work with Industrial Advirory Boards, addresses two critical areas for facilitating a strong working relationship between a university research center and an IAB; first streamlining information transfer, and second organizing a well-run center meeting. The paper addresses specific strategies for effective information transfer among center participants including sponsors, faculty and students. Also discussed are best practices for center meetings that ensure a suitable level of efficiency expected of an IAB. The methods discussed in the paper have contributed to the paradigm for successful industry-university collaboration developed over the last 25+ years by the National Science Foundation’s I/U CRC program. Read More...


Greg Rieker Publishes Frequency Comb-Baased Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases over Kilometer Air Paths

January 2015


Professor Greg Rieker’s paper “Frequency Comb-Based Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases over Kilometer Air Paths,” is published in the November issue of Optica and featured on the Scientific American and OSA websites.  The research represents the first application of frequency comb spectroscopy for sensing in practical environments.  Professor Rieker and colleagues probed the open atmosphere above Boulder with 80,000 different wavelengths of light from two frequency combs to simultaneously measure carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and more with unprecedented accuracy.


Victor Bright becomes IEEE Follow

December 2014

Professor Bright recently became an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to micro- and nano-electromechanical systemsEach year, following a rigorous evaluation procedure, the IEEE Fellow Committee recommends a select group of recipients for elevation to IEEE Fellow.  Less than 0.1% of voting members are selected annually for this member grade elevation. Professor Bright now is one of select few in the College of Engineering to be both a IEEE and ASME Fellow.