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July 2014

Kateryna Lapina, a Mechanical Engineering post-doctoral researcher, works in combination with Mechanical Professors Daven Henze and Jana Milford, to create an ozone garden to help model the effects of pollution on vegetation. Link  





June 2014

Dr. Hannigan and his investigation team was awarded $1.5 million in grant funding to study how cleaner cooking and lighting practices impact regional air quality and climate in the Sahel of Africa. Dr. Hannigan’s team consists of Vanja Dukic from the CU Applied Math Department, as well as Christine WIedinmyer, Katie Dickinson, and Mary Hayden from NCAR. . The award was granted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Read the full story at Environmental News Today, PRWeb, or at the DailyCamera. For more information visit Dr. Hannigan’s website.





The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded two grants to Dr. Henze. The first is for $580,731 over 3 years to constraining estimates of the sources of CO2 and CH4 in the region. The second is for $82,507 over 3 years for new remote sensing observations from the CrIS instrument aboard the Suomi NPP satellite. Dr. Henze also attended the World Health Organization (WHO) workshop in Bonn Germany this summer. The WHO workshop was convened with about 30 leading international experts to discuss the evidence for air pollution effects and propose expert advice on the best options and methods to estimate health risks form air pollution and its sources. Dr. Henze was invited to provide insight on modeling tools and satellite observations that are used to assess the global health risks of air pollution. The advice from this workshop is expected to inform a variety of HRA efforts at different scales. For more information or visit Dr. Henze’s website.







Spring, 2014 - Alum Uses Senior Design Experience in Restaurant Venture

Anthony Pigliacampo (MechEngr '02) was always the type of engineer who loved building things more than solving equations. While at CU-Boulder, he took every class he could that let him turn ideas into real things. One, taught by Jackie Sullivan and Larry Carlson at the ITLL, made a huge impact on him - students brainstormed product ideas, built prototypes and wrote business plans. "I am not a very artistic person, but creating products felt like art to me," says Pigliacampo...Read More


May 2014- Victor Bright - 2014 Butcher Seed Grant Award Winner

Professor Bright, along with PI Emily Gipson, and Co-PI Juliet Gopinath wrote one of this year's winning proposals on "optimized deep-brain imaging of activity in over a hundred neurons for imaging seizures"... Read More





May 2014

Professor Xiobo Yin published a paper entitled "Nanoelectronics: Edgy look at 2-D molybdenum disulfide" on The team recorded the first observations of a strong nonlinear optical resonance along the edges of single layers of molybdenum disulfide that could be key to the use of this and similar 2-D semiconductors in future nanoelectronic devices.





The awards program was started in 2005 to annually recognize extraordinary performance by Mechanical Engineering faculty in the previous year. Selections are based on ratings from the annual performance evaluation process. The Woodward award recognizes outstanding performance across the three areas of faculty responsibility: research, teaching, and service.


Outstanding Researcher: Mark Borden, Ronggui Yang

Outstanding Undergraduate Educator:  Jeff Knutsen

Outstanding Graduate Educator: Peter Hamlington

Outstanding Service: Daria Kotys-Schwartz

Woodward Outstanding Faculty Award: Daven Henze





Spring 2013
Mark Borden
Associate Professor Mark Borden and Assistant Professor Ben Terry (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) developed a new way to oxygenate hypoxemic patients who cannot breathe. Their method pumps oxygen microbubbles into the peritoneal cavity to deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. 
Steve George
Professor Steven George recently became president of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), an interdisciplinary society with approximately 4500 members worldwide focusing on the science and technology of materials, interfaces and processing. 


Mike Hannigan and Daria Kotys-Schwartz

Associate Professor Mike Hannigan, Instructor Daria Kotys-Schwartz and PhD student Janet Tsai won a Best Paper Award at the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference for "Learning Statics by Feeling: Effects of Everyday Examples on Confidence and Identity Development." The paper examined a novel teaching approach, the body-based approach using active learning to structure the implementation of everyday examples in recitations as part of an engineering statics course. 


David Kassoy

Professor Emeritus David Kassoy renewed a subcontract from the University of California, Irvine to Kassoy Innovative Science Solutions, LLC, for "Reduced Basis and Stochastic Modeling of a Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine as a Complex System" under a grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Additionally, Kassoy's paper on non-diffusive ignition of a gaseous reactive mixture will be published inCombustion Theory and Modeling. 

Frank Kreith

Professor Emeritus Frank Kreith published "Sustainable Energy Systems" in August, which will be used in A special issue of the ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineeringwas published to celebrate Professor Emeritus Frank Kreith's 91st birthday. The edition focused on his lifetime accomplishments and contributions to the field of solar energy.

Shelly Miller

The research results were presented at the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting. Professor Shelly Miller and Associate Professor Noah Fiererreceived an award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and NSF for their research on mold damage in homes. Over the past year, they have been studying the microbial communities in 15 homes along the Front Range. Recent floods significantly impacted half of the study homes and changed the direction of their research to focus on documenting flooding's impact on mold in homes.

Mark Rentschler

Assistant Professor Mark Rentschler received the Charles A. Hutchinson Memorial Teaching Award, which recognizes faculty in the College of Engineering and Applied Science who have made outstanding contributions to teaching.

Ronggui Yang

Associate Professor Ronggui Yang has been elected incoming chair of the ASME Nanoengineering for Energy and Sustainability Steering Committee. ASME is a not-for-profit membership organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods.

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