Design Center Colorado


Design Center (DC) Colorado is an industry-education partnership within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. DC Colorado is a new concept in engineering education, fostering innovative, technical collaborations with business, industry, and government agencies. The Center brings real industry projects to undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical engineering, where integrated teams of students, a faculty advisor, and an industry mentor develop workable solutions to sponsor-presented problems. Student teams work on assigned projects for two consecutive semesters and deliver tested, functional hardware and documentation to the industry sponsor at the completion of the project.

DC Colorado also supports the Durning Laboratory and Fleming Active Learning Laboratory in the ME Department, where students design and build hardware for their projects. DC Colorado provides infrastructure for many hands-on design classes, including Computer-Aided Design and Fabrication, Component Design, Senior Design, Graduate Design, and more.

How It Works

What Sponsors Do

What Students Do

What Faculty Do

• The engineering Faculty Advisor will devote over 40 hours to supervising the sponsored student team throughout the academic year.

• The Faculty Advisor assists student teams in understanding and executing the design process.

• The Faculty Advisor serves as at the primary point of contact for academic topics. (schedule, deliverables, grading, etc.)

• The Faculty Advisor ensures that student teams meet the academic course goals and company's project goals.


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