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Undergraduate Curriculum

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The undergraduate curriculum in Mechanical Engineering consists of a series of core courses, combined with electives in both technical fields and the humanities and social sciences. Students who would like to specialize their degree have the option of completing an emphasis in Biomedical or Environmental Engineering

In addition to the curricular requirements, students are also required to sit for the FE Exam, complete the Buffs Professional Program, and submit their responses to the Senior Survey


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ME Technical Electives

Educational Objectives

General Technical Electives

Mechanical engineering is a broad engineering discipline that incorporates skills and expertise in the areas of design, manufacturing, mechanics and thermal sciences that are essential to most sectors of industry.

The educational objective of the undergraduate program in mechanical engineering is to prepare graduates so that they will build on the educational foundation gained through our program by establishing themselves in professional careers and/or pursuing a graduate degree within three years of graduation. In addition, within these three years, students should have begun to generate new knowledge and/or exercise leadership in their positions.  

Humanities/Social Science Electives


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Each graduate of the mechanical engineering program is expected to:


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