Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Students

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General Inquires

1. What are the minimum admissions standards required to apply for the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program?  

2. I have taken graduate level courses from another Engineering Program. Are any of these courses transferable?

​​3. How do I schedule a visit to the Department of Mechanical Engineering? 

​4. There is a specific professor I would like as a Ph.D. advisor. How do I go about joining their research group?


Application Process

​1. What are the Admissions Requirements?

​2. How do I apply to the Mechanical Engineering (MCEN) graduate program at the University of Colorado, Boulder campus?

3. Do you offer a distance learning program?

4. What is the deadline to submit my application for admission for spring admission?

5. What is the deadline to submit my application for fall admission?

6.  How many letters of recommendation are required?

7.  How long are my GRE scores valid?

8. What criteria does the admissions committee use to evaluate applicants for admission?

9. I previously applied to the University of Colorado at Boulder, Mechanical Engineering. How do I reapply?

International Applicants

​1. I am currently living outside the United States. How do I get an application or catalog mailed to me?


2. What are the graduation admission requirements for international applicants?​


Financial Aid

1. How do I apply for financial aid?

2. What are the expected tuition and fees?

3. How do I apply for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships? ​


Establishing Colorado Residence

1. How do I become a resident of the state of Colorado for

in-state tuition purposes?

2. I am a member of the armed forces. Can I qualify for in-state tuition? 


Taking Mechanical Engineering Courses

​1. I have not been admitted as a graduate student to the University of Colorado College of Engineering; may take Mechanical courses?