Affiliated Faculty

Alaa A. Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Integrative Physiology

Biomechanical and Sensorimotor Processes

(303) 492-6063

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Hassel Ledbetter

Adjunct Professor

Meterials Science, Elastic Properties of Material, Related Physical Properties

(303) 492-5457

Office: DLC 203

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Kurt Maute

Associate Professor

Aerospace Engineering

Joseph H. Smead Fellow

Design Optimization for Structural and Coupled Multiphysics Problems

(303) 735-2103

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Michael Stowell

Associate Professor

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Ion Channel Structure and Mechanism

(303) 735-2983

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Bart Van Zeghbroeck


Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering

Nanostructures and Devices

(303) 492-2758