Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide the excellent education, research, and service necessary to train the engineer of the new century, to advance the state of the art of engineering science and technology, and to provide advice and counsel to the state, region, nation, and the world.

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Department Strengths
ME Program Facts


Outstanding undergraduate program


Exceptional graduate education


Young and talented faculty

7th in US for # of women faculty


11 highly competitive research career awards from agencies such as NASA, NIH, DARPA, NSF and EPA


Faculty degrees and training from top universities

We are one of the largest departments in the Engineering School. An unprecedented number of students (Over 1,000!) joined us in the fall of 2012 - see chart above


Minimum student GPA 2.25


15% of undergrads and 19% of graduate students are women


15% underrepresented minority students (grad and undergrad)


Outstanding Undergraduate Program
Exceptional Graduate Program

Highest Ranked Program in Rocky Mountain Region


Ranked 15th of All Public Schools


Includes 8 NSF and 1 NIH student fellows


Continual and steady increase in annual research awards (FY12 research awards total $7.211M)


Focuses on fundamental and applied issues in:

         •Biomechanical engineering
         •Energy and environmental engineering
         •Micro/nanoscale engineering

Trains students in state-of-the art engineering through research activities leading to the solution of modern technological problems

Originates fundamental advances in the underlying disciplines of:

         • Solid and fluid mechanics
         • Thermal engineering
         • Materials engineering

Designed to innovate and advance the frontiers of technology

Provides lasting educational foundation which renders our graduates technically and socially adept


Very popular program at CU, with 708 undergads in ME Program in 2012

Provides hands-on education, group-based projects


Affords student Interaction with real-life projects, products and companies, providing valuable experience in working with professional engineers:



"Scientists dream about doing great things, engineers do them"
- James Kip Finch


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